Buying Vintage – TOP 10 things to know/do

If there is an easy dollar out there that shady characters can profit off, there will be an under-market for it. So when purchasing online, especially when only seeing pictures; there are factors to consider to protect your purchase and investment.

Bags can be amazing investments and as connoisseurs we are willing to do just about anything just to search for the perfect bag, and to add to a collection. The second hand and reselling markets are great resources if you’re set on finding something specifically that is limited edition, vintage, or rare, or if you want to explore bags with more affordable price tags. The opportunity for investment pieces are everywhere.

However, shopping for pre-loved luxury takes a lot of research and the team at is here to guide you on how to navigate the market.

  1. Do your research on the specific bag you are buying. What was the retail price? What prices are others offering, or have offered before?
  2. Price. Expect to pay up to 70% less than the original price. However any more most likely means it is ‘too good to be true’. Some items could even be higher than the original retail price; so make sure that these items are rare, popular, discontinued and not available to buy at the original retail price.
  3. Be aware of the return policy. If it is not clearly stated, ask!
  4. ALWAYS check the authentication points (for more information check out articles on these topics) – Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  5. Some damages don’t affect the value, but others DO! Exposed piping, cracks or rips in canvas should mean the price is drastically reduced.
  6. Be careful where you buy – Buy from a trusted seller. Check your reseller’s reputation. Ask for a reference, or check their website.
  7. Know the condition of the item before buying. Make sure there are photos of all corners, under-the-handles and close-ups of hardware.
  8. How will the seller ship the item? Check their shipping policy – who covers insurance? Is tracking included?
  9. Payment method. Use a method that protects your purchase! Credit cards are great; PayPal invoice is good, but be sure NEVER to pay via PayPal friends & Family just to save a few dollars!
  10. Trust your gut! If the seller is too pushy, if something seems off…walk away. Your intuition on a salesperson and how you can trust them is still an important factor.

Be sure you don’t overpay for an overpriced fake. Follow these rules, and get ready for a new addiction! The world of luxury is exciting and a place where you can make many new friends!

We hope we’ve given you tips before you buy that pre-loved luxury bag you’ve been eyeing at!

Feel free to share in the comments section below if you have more ideas to make your shopping process go smoothly!

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