Unauthorized Authentic Louis Vuitton: Are they Authentic or Fake?

The Truth Behind The Selling of Fake Luxury Handbags

Recent research suggests that more than three million people from all over the world buy fake handbags every year, with most of the sales comes from online shops. One well-known luxury brand that has intensified its fight against counterfeited items is Louis Vuitton. They have a specific team that manages the protection of their company’s rights and image. Louis Vuitton believes that they must protect and preserve the work of their dedicated craftsmen. They have raided shops with counterparts of their item and confiscated it.

But despite the stern measures taken by the fashion brand, there are still a lot of knockoffs available nowadays, especially on the Internet. There are even online shops capable of boasting that their handbags are fake but “the materials used are identical to the real ones. Trademark marks are indistinguishable to the originals”. But are there any real dangers when purchasing counterfeit handbags? It may not appear very obvious but there are actual dangers when you buy counterfeit products.

Economic Impact

Different countries from all over the world have their own way of dealing with counterparts. Counterfeiters make their profit by creating fake versions of luxury handbags and selling them at a much lower price. The thing is, every time you buy a counterfeit, you are helping the seller break the law. Other than that, you are also letting a legitimate company lost some revenue which means that they lost profits and jobs later on. When manufacturers fail to match the prices of fake traders, this will affect their business and contribute to job losses.

Legal Implications

Without a doubt, purchasing and making fake items is illegal. In fact, certain countries impose penalties and civil charges to people who will bring in counterfeit items. Also, once you purchase a fake item, you are already supporting criminal activities such as trafficking and laundering.

Child Labor

Did you know that there are more implications when you buy fake handbags? Aside from depriving the revenue of real companies, replicas are said to come from organized enterprises that employ young children from very poor families. Once you support these counterfeits, you are also pledging your support to child labor, organized crime, human trafficking, and even prostitution.

Low Quality, Cheap Appearance

You can’t expect to have high-quality luxury bags just by paying $40-$50. Most likely, you will receive cheap looking bags, made from leather with the lowest quality. Even the colors are uneven and the stitching is very poor. As for luxury handbags, they take pride in quality and workmanship. If you don’t have the money to buy the real thing, then don’t buy fakes.


When you purchase counterfeit bags, you are not just hurting the revenue of the company but the feelings of the designers as well. To be able to produce such items, they have dedicated a lot of effort, time and creativity only to be snatched by counterfeiters. Also, if a brand always spends money protecting its brand from counterparts then the cost of their handbags will definitely rise.

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