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Here at Authentic Experts, you have a whole array of brands and items that you can authenticate. The website is so far off from others who only offer authentication services from major fashion houses. The founders of Authentic Experts kept in mind that the more brands they keep tab of the more people will avail of their services.

Authentic Experts is all about helping you in finding out whether your item is genuine or not at a very affordable price. We have here the list of the brands that we can help you with authentication. Keep in mind that we are currently in the process of updating and we are going to add more brands to this list.

1. Louis Vuitton

Of course Louis Vuitton has to be on our list, no questions asked. This fashion house is recognized all over the world and their yearly sales just keeps on increasing. Their famous handbags such as the Speedy, Alma and Neverfull are no stranger to counterfeits and Authentic Experts can be of great help in making sure you have a genuine handbag.

2. Hermès

It’s every woman’s dream to get her hands on a Birkin and this doesn’t come cheap. However, one might notice that the market is filled with cheap Birkins and raises suspicions. If you are new to the Birkin empire and planning to purchase a pre-loved one, best to have it authenticated first before placing your money to waste.

3. Chanel

The missing piece of the puzzle and we now have the holy trinity along with the first two mentioned. The classic Chanel bag that is worth every penny as it continuously increases price over the years has also been consistently on every counterfeits list. You wouldn’t want to pay for an original classic Chanel bag and end up getting a fake, always check with Authentic Experts to save you with a future heartbreak.

4. Cartier

Authentic Experts not only focus on handbags or wallets, they also authenticate jewelry. And when we speak of jewelry, Cartier always comes to mind first. Imagine owning your very own love bracelet and then later finding out that it was a fake, Authentic Experts help you in making sure that you get a piece of luxury item that has been carefully crafted for a special person like you.

5. Vintage Burberry (Pre-1999)

Everybody wants to have a vintage piece and a Burberry is one of the most coveted items. Buying pre-loved items can be a pleasant experience or a nightmare. We recommend that when you are eyeing an item, take photos of it first and send it to Authentic Experts and within 24-48 hours, we’ll tell you to go with the purchase or save your money for other designer pieces.

6. Bottega Veneta

Known for their excellent craftsmanship of their woven leather bags, Bottega Veneta is the marriage of art and fashion. Not a lot of online services offer to authenticate Bottega Veneta but in Authentic Experts, you will have no issues authenticating your item. The specific requirement for Bottega Veneta is taking a photo of the interior tag.

7. Gucci, Coach, Prada & MCM

Authentic Experts also offer authentication services to these power houses. For people starting out with their designer item journey, these are usually the first brands they consider buying. If you’re thinking of investing in designer pieces of these brands, make sure you check first if they are genuine or not.

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