How To Check If The Luxury Handbag is Authentic or Counterfeit

Fakes are looking more real nowadays. In fact, distinguishing a real one from a fake one has become tough especially due to the appearance of the “super fakes” which has taken over the market for the past couple of years. These handbags totally look the same, especially to the untrained eye. You might already own one of it without knowing it. Some people might even think that fake ones are okay as they are priced a lot lower than the real ones.

However, these people aren’t actually aware of the serious consequences behind the purchase and enterprise of fake luxury handbags. This is one of the most prevalent issues faced by the luxury market nowadays. The volume of fake Louis Vuitton handbags or those Gucci bags has taken over the internet and different social media platforms.

How To Separate Real Ones From Fake?

You went to your local store and asked the seller for a Gucci bag. You walk down the street, met a friend, and proudly showed your handbag. But she recognizes that it is fake and you didn’t. There are already a lot of people who are placed in a tight and shameful situation upon discovering that they bought a fake one and introduced it as a real one. But, how could you determine fakes from the real one? They say that even a shopper who did intensive research can be fooled.

The only solution to this is to buy luxury handbags from a licensed retailer or the certified, authentic brand boutique. Don’t feel exalted just because you bought a Chanel bag with its name engraved on the zipper from your local store and only paid $150 for it. This price is already doubtful. Think before buying.

The Truth Behind Counterfeit Luxury Handbags

By now, you should be asking, “What’s wrong when I opt to buy fake goods?” The answer to your question, let’s start with the legal stuff. Selling counterfeit items are considered illegal because they have violated the copyright and trademark law. These trademarks are marks, names, designs, and phrases that give the manufacturer of the product its unique identity, and it is duly registered at the Patent and Trademark Office. Therefore the use of the same name as the registered one is considered illegal.

Spotting Fakes Using The Pass/Fail Test

Since there already so many fakes nowadays, all you can do is to conduct a Pass/Fail Test. Here is the checklist that could help you identify fakes from real ones.

  1. Color or Finish – Check the consistency of the color and finish with the real thing.
  2. Smell – Does the item smells like luxury or just plastic?
  3. Leather Quilting – Check if the quality of the material used on the bag is low-quality.
  4. Style/Shape – Check the edges and corners of the item. If it is splotchy then it’s a fake.
  5. Date Code or Serial Number – An item with a date code does not mean that it’s already authentic. Check it thoroughly.
  6. Stitching – The stitching on authentic items is right, spaced, and evenly stitched.
  7. Branding/Hardware – Check if the logo imprints and prints are consistent with the authentic one. Take note that some authentic brands change their branding from time to time.

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