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Bidding on and buying items - You can find all available items listed together in a specific area next to the video. The price of items is clearly indicated once they are put on sale which can be seen in their own space once they are made available during the sale.

You can see an item’s status/availability by looking at the button contained in one corner of it’s space. This button denotes one of 4 statuses which are as follows:

Status Color Purpose
Held Grey These items have not been put up for sale yet!
BID Green This item can be bidded on. The bid amount is also shown in the button!
Purchase Green This item is available for immediate purchase!
Unavailable Blue This item is no longer available in the sale!

Buying Styles - During a sale, items can be sold in a number of fun ways called ‘buying styles’. Each style has its own perks and can really spice things up! The buying styles are as follows:

Style Purpose
Normal Buy
  • This style is super simple! The item will be made available with a set price and can be purchased by simply clicking the ‘purchase button’.
Bid up
  • This style involves bidding! The item will be made available for a base price but can be bidded higher.
  • Once bidded on the item will begin a 10 second timer (seen next to the item), any new bids resets this timer to 10 seconds.
  • Once the 10 second timer reaches 0, the current bidder wins the item!
Beat the Bomb
  • This style is quite unique! The item will be made available at a certain price but will gradually become cheaper.
  • Every few seconds the price will go down a set amount (usually $5) BUT look out! If the item goes to low it will flash red meaning it’s about to explode and become unavailable to purchase.
  • You can buy the item at any point before it becomes unavailable just be careful not to wait too long!
Auction timed
  • This style is very similar to a normal auction! The item can be bid on during a timed period. The winning bid buys the items at the end of the timer!
Auction no timer
  • This style is again similar to an auction except there’s no timer. During the bidding the host can end the auction at any time.
  • When the auction is ended the current winning bidder buys the item!
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