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USA Importation Guide for Beginners

US Customs info post! – Section 321 – Tax free imports for $800 or less.– Taxation duties applied on higher value purchases– Form 5106 requirements on $2500 or higher imports ***THE MORE YOU KNOW*** I wanted to share an informational post regarding customs. It can get very complicated, and so hopefully shedding some light on […]

Buying Vintage – TOP 10 things to know/do

Bags can be amazing investments and as connoisseurs we are willing to do just about anything just to search for the perfect bag, and to add to a collection. The second hand and reselling markets are great resources if you’re set on finding something specifically that is limited edition, vintage, or rare, or if you want to explore bags with more affordable price tags. The opportunity for investment pieces are everywhere.

However, shopping for pre-loved luxury takes a lot of research and the team at is here to guide you on how to navigate the market.

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